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i like listening to musical cues and comparing them to life on mars. some are the same, you know

Having seen the first five episodes of Ashes to Ashes: oh, Alex, I am trying to like you, but I think sometimes you are even more unprofessional than the boys are and also if you can see your bra through your shirt it is probably not professional police attire. I do like her pragmatism in all this, but...okay, it is just another way in which she is Not Sam. Because I think I kind of liked that Sam kept yelling and pushing and going crazy, even if sometimes I got annoyed with him and just wanted to shake him and say "that is not actually helping you, idiot". It shows emotion, y'know? Whereas Alex is all breezily cool about, all "well, I know exactly how I am going to get out of this, so I shall just do my job in the meantime and roll my eyes at how silly it all is", and that makes her seem a bit...callous, I suppose. Not that Sam couldn't be a jerk in regards to his situation, but still. Rage, rage against the dying of the light; if you're desperate to get out of there, show it. Otherwise it makes you look like you're not taking it seriously.

Anothing thing that I have noticed: Sam interacted with the weirdness a lot more than Alex does. He talked to the TV and the phone, he freaked out about the test card girl, sometimes he just yelled at things in general because he wanted 2006 to hear him. Alex does see the clown sometimes, and her daughter, but she doesn't do much in the way of actual interaction. When she has visions, she doesn't react to them at all; in fact, I can't tell if they really are visions or if they're just random stuff the show's throwing at us. Whereas Sam, of course, woke up from his dreams or had to close his eyes for a while or just flail a bit. It is probably connected to the emotional/not emotional thing, too.

...on the other hand, RUSSELL TOVEY. WITH THE GAY. AND THE NOT DYING, DESPITE BEING GAY. AND THE ADORABLE. *does some flailing of her own* I will admit that I cheered a little for Alex when she laid the smackdown on them about their homophobia. Oh, Gene, we know you're still in denial...*pets him*

(I think I am looking for a fic in which Alex is all "look, you're only trying to flirt with me because I remind you of your last DI, also I do not actually like you". That is the only thing that will make me stop wincing whenever they try to push ham-handed tension down our throats. You're trying, show, you're trying, least I hear it gets more convincing later? Hopefully?)
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