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the real question is, why does she have a modern haircut? lom and a2a have spoiled me in that regard

Supernatural 4x03, In the Beginning: So--how awesome? So awesome. With the, and there--okay, spoilercut.

First off, Samuel and Deanne: yes. Bitch, they know us. Second off, Samuel and Deanne and Mary omg. PLOT. IMPORTANT PLOT. IMPORTANT PLOT WITH A FAMILY OF HUNTERS, WITH WOMEN AND EVERYTHING. That is, like, one of the biggest gen-kinks I've got for this show, and even if they have to follow the logical dramatic path? I'm fuckin' thrilled, because we just got confirmation of a family that must have spent at least twenty years hunting, even if it looks like maybe Deanne didn't do too much. But Samuel did have Mary come along, so who knows. All I know is, it's got casual dinner conversation including the words "it might be a shapeshifter", and that's good enough for me.

I so called John the moment I got a proper look at him--hey, Tab, it's totally a time travel episode, awesome! Hey, Dean's meeting...some guy at a bar...a guy with dark hair and kinda, y'know, he looks familiar...OH HEY. They really did pick a guy who could pass as a young JDM, didn't they? Lucky casting call. Also, Mitch motherfucking Pileggi. ...also, oh hey incestuous kiss! I'M SURE THAT WASN'T FREAKY AT ALL. (I've read the story where Dean's crossroads demon took the form of John instead; it all felt eerily familiar, except even creepier because YED!Samuel and Mary were totally making out, man. WHAT THE HELL.)

Also, Castiel continues to be awesome and hot, but we all knew that.

I didn't watch the preview, because I never do (they are teasing, deceitful things, and they are out to get us all), but, seriously? We get a "to be continued" this early in the season? Things must really be heating up. Which, uh, doesn't quite match up with what I'd heard about the next episode (I may not watch previews, but I pick stuff up nonetheless; I'm really not sure how). But still! PLOT OMG.

I kinda missed Sam, though. Is it just me, or has the show actually been a bit Winchesters-light lately? I know, I know, we kind of got a triple threat with this episode, but between a Samless 1973 and a Bobbytastic Are You There, God?, we ain't been getting much of the brotherly love the past couple weeks. I fully expect this to change, though. We gots to have our boys.

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