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i can't decide if i'm actually attracted to aaron eckhart or not, which distresses me a bit

Pushing Daisies: oh hey it's Monica! Hi Monica! Why aren't you on Heroes? It is very nice to see you again but I think I would rather see you in Heroes than as a one-shot character in Pushing Daisies. On the plus side, this episode was v. adorable and I think I am realizing that Ned really is kinda creepy and stalkerish but the show is acknowledging this so that is good. Yes.

Today in my public speaking class we watched Thank You For Smoking, which was more or less a good movie and definitely a fun one, and I have decided that Aaron Eckhart should probably get a chance to play a definitively good guy eventually, even if he is so very very good at being morally dubious. Is it weird that I want to see Towelhead just to find out how creepy he is in it? Probably. Anyway, I spent half the movie wondering who the hell was playing his wife, because she was so damned familiar and I swore I'd seen her a million times before but I couldn't remember where, and then I hit up IMDB and oh, okay, she was Joanie in Deadwood, I can rest easy now. Today is a day of Actors Getting Around. As is their wont.
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