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seriously, the kristin chenoweth thing bugs the fuck out of me

So clearly the best course of action for getting rid of academic blues was to watch the first episode of The West Wing, except apparently not, because I spent half the episode glaring at the screen and wondering if Aaron Sorkin was even physically capable of not being a jackass. I'm as liberal as anybody! I'm not overly fond of the crazy aspects of the religious right either! But, Jesus, is there going to be a single religious character on this show who isn't portrayed as evil? I saw Studio 60, I know how headbangingly awful Sorkin can get when it comes to portraying Christianity--and knowing that he based Harriet on his ex-girlfriend Kristin Chenoweth, who has already earned enough points from Pushing Daisies to beat out anything I've seen from Sorkin so far, doesn't help--but I really thought that was more of a recent thing, something that just gets worse with age, you know? Apparently not so much. I'm an agnostic, people. I should not be the one crying foul when it comes to poor treatment of religion.

Things that I did like: hooker!Lisa Edelstein, despite her horrid nineties hair, and Sam seems a little less actively insane than the rest of them. (...oh, fuck, it's another Sam. That makes five of them now. At least his last name doesn't end in -er.) I suppose I might watch more eventually, or I might try Sports Night instead, which hopefully will not involve much in the way of strawman religion unless the world of sports reporting is much more varied than I'd heard. Of course, Sorkin managed to make sketch comedy into a diatribe against all things Christian, so who knows. I wouldn't put it past him.
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