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also seriously goddamn i just want to jump luke every time i see him, i am a horrible person

Is it weird that I look forward more to SJA than I do the DW Christmas special? And this week's episode wasn't even especially good, it's just--I think I have somehow grown more attached to Sarah Jane and the kids than I am the Doctor. Of course the Doctor's all fascinating and fun to watch, but the SJA gang just makes me happy. Every one of'em. Perhaps I would feel differently if Donna or Martha or somebody was in the special too; not knowing anything about whatever random temporary companions the Doctor's getting this time around makes me less interested. Also it is going to be all snowy and Victorian so there will not be a lot of color whereas SJA is almost as bad (read: awesome) as Pushing Daisies with the eye-popping colorschemes. Even if next week's episode does not appear to have much of that. In any case. Sarah Jane, Luki, Clyde, and Rani: better than the Doctor. Trufax.
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