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goddammit i need my lee pace, why does the world have it out for him on tv

Pushing Daisies is officially canceled noooooooooooo

And Supernatural is being kind of awesome and cheesy and inconsistent even within the episode but Jensen Ackles is acting his little heart out and the Dean/Castiel folks can do a happy little dance and between this episode and the last one I think fandom's interpretation of what Sam and Dean are respectively like during sex has been utterly confirmed (wait, ahahaha, isn't the phrase actually Kripked? I FORGOT THAT FOR A MOMENT THERE AND YET THIS IS THE SHOW THE PHRASE COMES FROM) and, and, yes. I mean, there is still annoyingly unexplained stuff, but I am totally (well, mostly) willing to accept that if they can keep feeding us the good angelic crack. Also you know a major dramatic point of the season is going to be Castiel Falling, you just know it. IT'S BEEN FORESHADOWED AND EVERYTHING. IT MAKES LOGICAL STORYTELLING SENSE.

pushing daisies nooooooo
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