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i told my computer art professor i was a writing major and he seemed very apologetic

What is this 'vid due tomorrow' of which you speak? Clearly what I actually need to do is a very long icon meme as stolen from bookelfe. Oh yes.

Heidi Petrelli/Zurgowl (I may not be a gamer but I still know some stuff, dammit)

...oh dear. Well, I suspect the Zurgowl is actually quite a nice fellow deep down, and Heidi has proven that she can manage to be a Petrelli without also being screwed up beyond all belief, so who knows! Perhaps they get together for tea and space marines.


Gaston would not be a very good boyfriend to anything ever; Kermit will likely be flailing in distress rather than joy. Thankfully, Gaston is just as bothered by talking frogs as he is by guykisses.


While I am certain he would love each and every one of their brains, the Doctor has proven that he is Not Good at romantic relationships no matter which regeneration he's on, and even Jack has standards. A few. Small ones. "No brain-eating serial killers" is one of them, anyway.


Nathan and Peter were unaware that they were being watched.

Angela/Peter/Elizabeth Bennett

Okay, Angela/Peter is one whole level of squick, and Lizzie has the sense to realize this and get the fuck away. She'd probably like Nathan, though.

Freaky Hedgehog/The Master

I can picture the Master approving of freaky hedgehogs. The rest of it, uh, well, the spikes alone...

Ten/Ten's Hand/Jack, technically

...I am pretty sure this exists somewhere.

Sam Tyler/Freaky-Ass Stone Angel Whose Name I Forget, I Think It Was "The Lonely Angel" Or Something

Sam's had enough unwilling time travel, thank you. And if he's in the same universe as the angels, he's got his own set of problems...

Claude/Peter/Not Ofelia

Peter/Claude is fairly obvious. Throwing a ten-year-old girl in there would On the other hand, it's not Ofelia, so! Instead of a ten-year-old girl, it is a twelve-year-old Nathan. Which. Is probably more awkward.


Again with an obvious pairing + Nathan! Dude gets around. I do totally ship Cute/Awesome, though. Perhaps as some kind of Sandman-esque personification-thingy.

The Master/Ned

Oh man. The Master would abuse the fuck out of Ned's power--er, unless Ned was mysteriously in London and just happened to brush up against the corpse of this politician dude, and then said politician dude ran away before Ned could turn him back...

Chuck/Captain Awesome/Nathan

Okay, Nathan, do you have a thing for threesomes or something? Don't answer that. Regardless, Chuck has way too many love interests as it is; he does not need any more. Nathan might like Ellie, though.

Sam Oliver/Heidi

While I'm sure Sam would love to say he banged an older woman, I do not think Heidi would have such feelings for him. Also Sam already has both an awesome girlfriend and a Satan. Heidi would not be prone to getting in on that, either.

Peter/Mr. Muggles

I think it is clear that this is the greatest pairing of them all.


What is this "season three" of which you speak? I recall no such thing.


Okay. Okay, Nathan? Is there something you want to tell me? I knew you were not 100% into perfect monogamy, but. This is getting a little excessive.

Sam's Hallucinatory Crossing Guard/Clefairy/The Master

If the Master is in the same place as the crossing guard, that's one story. If he's there with Pokemon, well. I think this is the point where rionaleonhart spontaneously implodes.

Shawn/Russell Crowe (yes he's playing some character or another but that is not why I got the icon okay)

It does not seem entirely unlikely that Shawn would have a crush on him. Of course, Russell Crowe would be a bit confused and Gus would end up dragging Shawn away before he did anything stupid, but it would be cute while it lasted.


Obvious pairing is obvious.

Four/Leela/Tony Stark

Four would geek out over the armor but then get all frowny when he notices the weaponry; Leela would be unsure of it at first but possibly want to try it out. Tony would be remarkably blase about the time-traveling-aliens thing. All in all, a massive techy geekout that ends in arguments and Leela dragging the Doctor back into the TARDIS.


Jo would think Jamie was adorable. Two and Three's opinions on each other are well-known. Ultimately, Jo makes Jamie some tea and gives him a tour of the UNIT headquarters while the Doctor argues with himself and possibly blows things up.

Captain Hammer/Wendy Watson/The Middleman not remind me that I still have not finished that crossover, okay

The Joker/Six

Erm. Uh. The Joker is not quite the type of villain the Doctor usually faces, but I do not think the Doctor would be opposed to defeating him anyway. Really I think this is a pairing no one would want to see ever, but the sheer WTF level makes it worth mentioning.


Hey hey, image symmetry FTW! As amusing as it would be to picture Dale and Saul as companions, somehow I think Six would not be the right Doctor for them. Ten, maybe. Not sure why, but it seems better. Peri would not like them very much anyway.

*deep breath* Ten/Donna/Martha/Rose/Ten.5/Sarah Jane/Jack/Jackie/Mickey/Bryce

Jack, I am sure, would be all for this. Everyone else would balk at the sheer logistics of it all.


They could be adorable geeky buddies! But Chuck is a bit old for Luke, or perhaps Luke is a bit young for anybody, and I've already mentioned that Chuck has ten bazillion love interests as it is. Still. Adorable geeky buddies.


I will admit that Ryan would probably think Castiel was smokin'. Because. Really. Who wouldn't. Castiel, on the other hand, has bigger fish to fry than fabulous high schoolers.

(This is not to say that I have never read a Supernatural/High School Musical crossover. It's just. Well, it didn't involve Castiel. It did involve singing, though.)

Dean/Rahm Emanuel

This amuses me on so many levels, if only because Rahm is probably the most obscure person on this meme and he's real. Dude would give Dean a run for his money, I tell you what. Hell, Lilith would have to take a few steps back.


Actually, this is sort of plausible! They both see the future but are not very happy about it, they both have Bad Destinies, and they both know what it's like to have an emotionally distant and unpleasant father figure. I could see them having a (fully predicted, of course) one-night stand followed by words of consolation and a promise to keep in touch if they ever do manage to avoid that destiny thing. Which, for Morgana. Well. Probably Sam would have to keep quiet on the subject.

Hamster Inna Car/Mitchell/George/Annie

If I made a joke about the hamster not being the first animal in the relationship, it would be cruel. And yet true. Still, uh. Probably they end up keeping it as a pet. Annie is the only one who remembers to take care of it.

Nozomu Itoshiki/Italy/Germany/Japan

I'm in despair! My country's irreverent treatment of a tragic period in history has left me in despair!



Ahahaha, I was wondering if this would happen. Canon (semi-) unrequited, bitches. Oh England, centuries of bitterness and mixed signals will end eventually, don't worry! In the meantime, take comfort that you are not the only anthropomorphic personification of a country in love with another one who is kind of idiotic and oblivious. You are the pair with the more awkward mutual background, though, not gonna lie. But you will get over it! ...eventually!
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  • (no subject)

    oh so incidentally if you are a brienne/jaime fan who has resigned yourself to knowing that it won’t end well in the canon and is not opposed…

  • (no subject)

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