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Tracing is totally educational, what are you talking about.

First off: help_haiti winners, I am in fact working on your stuff! Do not worry, I have not forgotten. They will be finished, er, at some point soonish? But they will be finished, this I promise you.

...and now I feel a little guilty because I just finished a drawing nobody paid money for. Um. In fairness, it was very quick? Because it was pretty much just a trace job with recoloring. And some altering. And I'm not even sure how much of an overlap there is between the two fandoms anyway, but--yeah. The mood struck.


...yeah, I don't know either.

In even less productive news, here is a meme! It is from bookelfe, and it goes like this:

Comment here and I will pick six of your icons, you then copy and paste this in your LJ along with your explanations/comments/squeeage about each one.

Ahahaha, this one is from Life on Mars and I have not used it in aaaaages. It was very hard to cap, actually! Sam kept looking to his left, it didn't mesh with my Vision. I recall that I was very fond of it when I first made it, though. I used a different font than I usually do!

...this one is from rionaleonhart; I had nothing to do with its devising. (My keyword for it is "the master's pokemon lives on the moon". Because, well.)

Ah, VGCats. This is actually a thing that I think a lot, at completely random times, so I decided making an icon of it might siphon some of that. It didn't, really, but I still like it. (For the record, the strip it is from is about setting all your Sims on fire, which is not something that I ever did. I was good to my Sims. --this may be why I always lost interest in the families after a couple generations or so. Maybe some fires would have spiced things up. Or removing the ladder from the pool! Always a popular choice.)

This one was made by copperbadge, and I think it is from a poster back during the Cold War but I am not actually sure! In any case, it amuses me. The Cold War: epic passive-aggressive bitchfest, trufax.

--so this is based on another icon that goes like this:

--and my only explanation as to why I felt I needed another one is, well, I kind of wanted a Johan icon and this was the only text that came to mind. I do maintain that Tenma is not really like Clarice Starling at all, though; for one thing, he did not start out very badass, and also kind of half the point of the story is that he doesn't have official backup or resources, and I am pretty sure the series is not going to end with him running off with Johan to live sociopathically ever after. Pretty sure. I mean, you never know. (Also Johan does not eat brains. Eating brains is so gauche.)

I think this icon is from Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, since I got it off a comm for same, but I cannot actually recall this happening in the film, so! The line is from the movie, most definitely, but I am uncertain of the screencap. In any case, it was made by obeyshi, it is Robert Downey Jr, and he is, indeed, Captain Fucking Magic. 
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