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is there even anything I do on LJ that isn't just reposting fandom rec posts from tumblr

in any case FUTURE DIARY

future diary is an anime about the awkward but adorable budding romance between two cute teenagoh man i can’t even type that with a straight face it’s about crazy people murdering each other

Yukiteru Amano would probably be a fairly average fourteen-year-old if it weren’t for the fact that 1) he writes down everything that happens around him in his cell phone and 2) his only friends are imaginary. Completely imaginary.

When he’s alone he pretends he’s chilling in a completely imaginary place with the completely imaginary god of time, Deus Ex Machina, and Deus’ completely imaginary cohort Murmur. It’s all in his head, so it’s okay!

One day, Deus tells Yukiteru he’s going to start a game. Since Yukiteru uses his cell phone so much, it’ll get upgraded to a Future Diary—it now makes entries for him, hours or days in advance, describing what’s happening around him. But this is all completely imaginary, right, so that’s not actually going to happen, right?

noooooo Deus and Murmur are real and Yukiteru’s cell phone is magic now take that Freud

It’s all in good fun! Yukiteru uses his new-found power to avoid bullies, cheat on tests, and all sorts of utterly petty stuff. Why would a basically ordinary kid really need to predict the future, anyway?

well probably because HE’S GONNA GET MURDERED

admittedly he does not know this! Not until he discovers that a classmate of his, Yuno Gasai, knows Deus and Murmur herself and has her own Future Diary.

You see, Yukiteru’s diary is called the Random Diary, because it predicts anything at random around him. Yuno’s diary, on the other hand, is called the Yukiteru Diary.

Because it predicts every little thing that happens to him.

Now, keeping in mind that Yukiteru’s diary is the way it is because he was writing that stuff down anyway…

…well! It’s a relationship for the ages.

So the cute, smart girl from his class is in love with him and would do anything to help him, and that’s great, right? She helps him kill the serial murderer who was coming after him! Whereupon Yukiteru discovers that Deus was pretty much giving out Future Diaries to errybody. There are twelve diary holders total, and Yukiteru is the first. Literally “First”, that’s what they call him. Yuno is “Second” for obvious reasons. The guy who was trying to kill them was “Third”.

All the diary holders are now in competition: Deus is dying, and whichever of them is the last one standing gets to take his place as god of time. And now they all know who First is. Great going, Yukiteru!

But Yuno will help him! Which is great, because Yuno is smart and weirdly good at killing people and loves him!

she really


loves him

she loves him sooooooo much

The show makes no bones about it; Yuno is crazy. Sure, she’s a cute girl who’s totally into him, and she’s super-helpful, but every time Yukiteru thinks maybe she isn’t so bad, she does something horrific and HA HA NOPE YOU’RE SO FUCKED

There are other characters! There are lots of other characters. Most of the other diary holders do not have much screentime, because, well, murder, but here are some important ones:

Minene Uryuu, “Ninth”. She’s a terrorist! She likes explosives! Initially she just wants to kill Yukiteru (and Yuno), but things get complicated. Partly due to this guy:

Keigo Kurusu, “Fourth”. He’s a police detective who does not actually want to be the god of time, he just wants everyone to stop killing each other. But life is not that easy, alas.

Eventually there are these people:

From right to left: Mao Nonosaka, Hinata Hino, Aru Akise, Oji Kousaka. They are sort of the obligatory normal human friends? Kinda? Some of them? At any rate, they sort of serve as a support squad for Yukiteru. Hinata and Mao also provide service of the fan variety.

Akise, though—

Akise is kind of—

—Yuno doesn’t like him, let’s put it that way.

It’s worth mentioning that the show is not super-great with its female characters. There are two whose tragic pasts feature gang rape, and a third is threatened with it; Hinata and Mao get a lot of the usual bleh fanservice treatment; the treatment of Minene is occasionally dubious, and Yuno…actually, I think Yuno is kind of amazing, it’s all the other girls who get the short end of the stick. Fair warning.

(Yuno is pretty great, though.)

Thus begins a tale of tragedy, violence, plot twists, and general misery. But the real heart of the show is the supremely fucked-up relationship between Yukiteru and Yuno. Some romances are trainwrecks. This one is the Hindenburg. I can’t even really encapsulate it in one non-spoilery post; suffice it to say that it’s one spellbinding catastrofuck from beginning to end, and I have never felt so confused about whether or not to be happy when a relationship progresses. You’ll just have to see it for yourself.

The opening!

If any of this seems intriguing, the series can be legally watched in full on Hulu. Enjoy! Or don’t! It’s up to you.

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