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i'm on an icon kick lately, or maybe not

The Sarah Jane Adventures 2x03, The Day of the Clown, Part One: I fully admit that just before starting this ep, I thought "woohoo, I finally get to meet Rani! Wait, I mean the--er, wait, no, I don't." THIS WILL GET SO CONFUSING. I do miss Maria, very much, and her dad and even kinda her mom--but, heeey, was that bit there a sly way of saying they'll be back for the finale? I AM ASSUMING THAT IT WAS. Anyway, Rani is nice and I am kind of really loving Luke and Clyde these days, not that I disliked them previously, but I think my favorite of the three was always Maria, and maybe now that she is gone the show is giving them a bit more of the spotlight? I also like that Rani has, holy crap, two actual real living undivorced parents, which is--gah, I'm hard-pressed to think of a show where that is the case without the show itself being about a particular family. Okay, Carnivale, I guess. And HIMYM, but they only have very tiny and occasional roles. Still, all the others--the Tylers, the Petrellis (as far as we know, admittedly), the Smiths and the Jacksons and the Langers, the Joneses, the Nobles, the Spencers, the Bartowskis (dad left before their mom died, if I recall correctly), the Summerses, the...other Smith (Mickey), the Sureshes, the Dawsons, the Charleses plus whatever Ned's last name is (heck, if Emerson really does have a missing kid out there, oh hey she's missing her dad too), the Morgans of the conspicuously-never-mentioned-mother, fuck yes the Winchesters, that is the whole point of the Winchesters, the freaking everyone.

...although I suppose the Bennets deserve their own special category in this.

ANYWAY. I like this season! This is a good season, and this is a good episode, and actually I rather like the way Rani's dad isn't being set up as a cut-and-dry-annoying-through-and-through antagonist, and Sarah Jane is always love, yes yes. ♥♥♥ ALSO CLOWNS, WTF. WAY TO START MOFFETING IT UP, SJA.
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apparently they want to do a christmas musical if they get a full season again

Pushing Daisies 2x01, Bzzz (or however many Zs it is): basically I just want to give the entire show one big hug, because that is basically what it is. It is my cute and sweet and fulfilling and non-painful show even more than Chuck (hah) is; Chuck (the show) still has Awkward Love Interest Syndrome, whereas Pushing Daisies has wholeheartedly embraced the fact that its main characters will never actually get together, and makes that the entire point, and also it is a lot more colorful and the dead people are a lot more interesting-looking and there is pie. (I will note that the two shows share a propensity for dead characters not remaining so.)

...also Pushing Daisies has Lee Pace nearly naked, which Chuck (the show) probably never will, although I am sure it would be a very interesting episode if it did.
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i have to remind myself to put titles and moods on these. that is kind of sad

Comment on this post. I will choose seven interests from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are interested in them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so others can play along.

wondygal  chose: heidi motherfucking petrelli, ellie bartowski, emerson cod, gay perry, the beard/everyone, suit up, THEY'RE JUST ITALIAN

Heidi motherfucking Petrelli: a woman who could both put up with the batshit crazy of the Petrelli family and manage to get her kids out of there when it was getting too batshit crazy--a woman who wouldn't let a crippling accident keep her down, no matter what the doctors said--a sexy, badass lady in general, and by god do I wish they'd bring her back, whether or not they try to patch things up between her and Nathan. (Besides, the kids are a real Chekhov's gun.)

Ellie Bartowski: a loving older sister, but decidedly not a push-over; one half of one of the very very few Happy Functioning Couples on TV; seriously, did I mention "loving older sister"? I want her as my sister. Family's a real gen-kink of mine, and boy howdy does Ellie make that happen. Also she is kind of cute, and her hair is not the weird, over-styled, flowing-waves thing that too many female characters on TV these days have. (Neither is Heidi's, for that matter.) She and Chuck have an awesome relationship, and she and Captain Awesome logically have a, well, awesome relationship, and basically I just love her to bits. ♥

Emerson Cod: dude knits his own gun holsters. 'nuff said.

Gay Perry: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is, without question, one of my absolute favorite movies, and he is partly responsible for that. He's awesome, he doesn't take shit from anyone, he says one of my favorite lines in any movie ever (PERRY: Talking money... HARRY: Talking monkey? PERRY: Talking monkey, yeah, yeah. Came here from the future, ugly sucker, only says 'ficus'.), and also he gets to plant one on Robert Downey Jr, thus cementing one of my most beloved dysfunctional pairings. Even if it was just a Fake-Out Make-Out, he's still canonically gay, bitch! (Hence the name.)

The beard/everyone: so, Adrian Pasdar grew this beard for the second season of Heroes, and at first it was kinda sexy, and then it kept growing, and growing, until it had become this force, this unstoppable, all-powerful force, and everyone knew it was the real power behind the show. The puppetmaster. The Godfather. The beard. Merely shaving it off did nothing to stop it; now, it is free, and it is waiting. Much like George Takei--one day...when you least expect it...

Suit up: oh, Barney. It is a catchphrase used almost exclusively to get another guy into some snappy clothes, and even years of it failing to have much effect, he is still determined to use it, convinced that one day, oh yes, he will get Ted into a suit. (I believe he actually did, once. It was a day of great joy.) So, in essence, it can be seen as a symbol for their entire relationship--Barney's persistence, Ted's reluctance and yet inability to put an end to it, the complete adorableness of it all. Oh, boys. ♥

They're just Italian: well. They are, you know. Italians say "I love you" all the time. And are known for not being able to keep their hands (or lips) off each other. And most definitely say things like "I don't know who I am without you". Definitely. (Well, maybe if they're eryslash and eledh_3.) There cannot be any other explanation for it. At all.
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but there is no doctor who panel. why? it is sorrow and confusion.

The San Diego Comic-Con schedule is up! And, and, there's Heroes, and Dexter, and Supernatural, and maybe Pushing Daisies and Chuck are at the same time but the knowledge that I can go to one of them is pretty danged cool, and either Watchmen or SGA, and maybe Dollhouse, and a panel on how to write for TV and a panel on the best/craziest new showrunners and the Masquerade and and oh hey there's a Torchwood panel with Russell T Davies, Steven Moffat, Julie Gardner, John Barrowman, Gareth David-Lloyd, Burn Gorman, and Naoko Mori, aaaaaaand it ends the hour our plane gets in.


(I also get to miss the Middleman panel, which had a time overlap with Torchwood anyway, but Javier Msomething-Gsomething is going to be on the showrunners panel, so it's not a total loss. Also I think Natalie Morales might be doing something else too. No more Matt Keeslar, though. Much sorrow.)

Line-waiting: three hours for the Masquerade, but that gets you pretty much guaranteed seating since they give out tickets; the Heroes panel starts at 10:45 AM, so I suspect I am going to have to go to bed early, grab a food-stand breakfast, and park it sometime around 7:30. My god, I'm stupid. But, ooh, wait, that's right, I have a shiny new laptop with a 2.5-hour battery! (Possibly longer; I haven't tested it that much.) If there's wireless, great; if there isn't, well, I've got Colony in Space and The Daemons lurking around for me. Or, y'know, writing. (The answer: Colony in Space.) The best thing about this, though, is that the Heroes panel and the Masquerade are on the same day; I get two different three-hour waits over a twelve-hour period. Ahahahahaha.

Other things to brag about: yes, all the main cast members of Heroes, Supernatural, Pushing Daisies, Dexter, and Chuck are going to be at their respective panels, plus their main writers and producers, so, basically, assuming I get in, nyaaaaah. *sticks out tongue*

And then I shall blow all my money on Doctor Who action figures. And it shall be good. *kneels in the direction of San Diego and prays to the god of fandom*
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it also uses the phrase "cow squirt". make of that what you will.

Sweet Jesus on a stick, why is there so much good TV now? The Middleman, which started two weeks ago and thus at least isn't hard to catch up on, is:

1) The kind of show where the male lead uses the word, with no irony whatsoever, "ri-gosh-darn-diculous"
2)The kind of show where the female lead admits to reading The Spirit
3) The kind of show that hella passes the Bechdel Test (although I'm not sure that's as big a deal in most TV shows)
4) Sort of like Chuck, Reaper, and Pushing Daisies combined, which makes it
5) pretty much exactly my kind of crack.

Like Chuck, it's ordinary-person-pushed-into-extraordinary-job-with-hot-partner-and-cool-gadgets; like Reaper, it's wacky-monster-of-the-week; like Pushing Daisies, it's extraordinarily quirky and also likes to hide behind a squeaky-clean exterior until it jumps out at you with a joke about skin being the largest and most sensitive organ of the body. (This show is on ABC Family. While watching, one of those ad-bars on the bottom popped up and declared that the channel was "a new kind of family". Oh, I'll bet.)

The leads are cute and, unlike Chuck, have chemistry that isn't actually forced; also like Reaper, the female lead looks uncannily like Missy Peregrym (minus the epic shoulders, admittedly), and one of the first things she does is stab a genetic monstrosity with a letter opener. How can you not possibly love that? And she paints abstract expressionism! Apparently the show is based on a comic book--actually, the creator of the comic is not only an executive producer of the show but also wrote the first episode, which is just kind of awesome all around. There do not seem to be any easily-locatable promo pictures of the show, so here is a picture from the comic instead; it gives the same general impression, really. Look at that. I mean, look at that. There is a commie bear on a motorcycle in that picture. That is what this show is like.

Thus--in conclusion--gosh darn it all to heck, at least it's in the summer so I don't have to worry about it stacking up with ten million other shows. (I am a little frightened of what will happen in the fall, when the schedule aligns and I'm watching eight shows at once.) Also it's probably going to get canceled in three weeks, but hey, that's what I said about Pushing Daisies, right? Who knows--it's been a good year for new shows; maybe the trend will continue.

(...seriously, why aren't there any promo pics? It makes me sad to say all this stuff without a proper visual reference.)
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admittedly, one couldn't expect the devil to have any qualms about this sort of thing

Having fiiiinally seen the last two episodes of Reaper, I have a few things to say:

1) Awesome.
2) No, seriously, awesome.
3) Steve and Tony? Especially awesome. Tearing-up awesome.
4) Ahem. Okay. TV, I would like to have a talk with you. I could deal with Heroes. I could deal with Supernatural. Retroactively, I can say that I dealt with Dexter. Pushing Daisies was kind of a surprise, but hey, it wasn't like it was a ship or anything, and besides, I'm sure it will all be explained next season. But now? This is too many. Five shows is too many for this. So what I'm really saying is, STOP IT WITH THE INCEST I GET THE FREAKING POINT ALREADY OH MY GOD.
5) *deep breath*
6) No, seriously. Beyond the obvious, even. Beyond my corrupt little mind. Remember Cady? I think her name was Cady, anyway. Remember how she was the Devil's daughter? Now remember who was dating her? Yeah. Yeah, that ain't just the warped minds of the internet. That shit is canon, probably because they just forgot about it, but hey.
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if all fifteen of my shows are ever airing all at once, i will not be sure whether to cheer or cry

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I also watched Waitress with the fam, and it's very sweet, and Nathan Fillion is also very sweet, and between it and Pushing Daisies I suspect I am developing a pie fetish, and it's very weird to see someone on screen you know was murdered not long after filming that. Adrienne Shelley is just so...well, sweet. Life is weird. So it goes.
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some of us tip right over the edge

I have been incommunicado for the last few days! And yet, I spend most evenings endlessly and desperately refreshing my flist to see what the rest of y'alls are saying. Part of that may be due to a funky school schedule which, for this week only, gives me more time in the evenings and mornings, which leaves me baffled as to what to do with that free time; part of that may be avoiding using my free time to do homework or, uh, write. Getting back into writing is frightening. I keep getting the jitters about opening up Word and scrolling down to the bottom and actually adding words, omg. But it seems to be going well enough. And, like my dad says, it is good to have written. I can look at that wordcount and be proud (if somewhat baffled). So, now that I'm saying stuff again, what shall I talk about? Clearly the answer is WONDERFALLS.

One of the things I am using the free time in the evenings to do is to finally, finally get back to watching Wonderfalls with my family; usually, there's this...whole complicated TV schedule which has lately meant we don't have time to watch Wonderfalls, basically, but this week it means we can, so that's what we've been doing! And thus I have now seen up to, hmm, 'Lying Pig'. On one hand, we are clearly not supposed to like Eric's wife, and I don't, partly because she's annoying and partly because that whole arc is annoying. On the other hand, she's a wife named Heidi and she's played by Jewel Staite. CURSE YOU, FULLER. MY ONLY WEAKNESSES. So, my opinion of that episode and the couple before that: overly-dramatized romantic arcs are boring, even if everyone involved in them is crazy-cute (sometimes literally), but Lee Pace still makes me all wibbly and so maybe I do not mind the thing with Mahandra so much. Leeeeee Paaaaaace. When is Pushing Daisies coming back? Not soon enough. And why are there only three episodes of Wonderfalls left? And is my vague, sneaky prediction as to what might start talking in the final episode going to come true, or did they sadly never get around to that? These are the eternal questions of the universe.

I may have finally given up and added the movie where Lee Pace plays a transgendered nightclub performer to the Netflix list. Goddammit, maybe I won't have the time when it gets here, but I will make time.
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possibly my previous post may provide elaboration--hey, alliteration! and rhyme!

It gets easier.

Well--sort of. There's a reason I find it hard to read Buffy or Angel stories; even if they're happy, they make me think about things, and maybe it's been months since I saw their respective finales but I still don't want to think about those things. I downloaded an Angel vid, an absolutely brilliant one that summed up the whole series, that made me cry my eyes out, and I kept it on my hard drive but I don't think I'll be watching it again any time soon. And I can't really think of Firefly the same way after I saw Serenity. Joss, honey, you're brilliant, but you frequently make me want to curl up in a corner. Thankfully, you're probably one of a kind. I sure as hell hope so.

I've told you all my story about the two hours between hearing about the second season finale of Heroes and seeing the second season finale of Heroes, and it's actually quite a good story, but unfortunately it does not really apply in this case, because, y'know, the reason it's a good story is because I explained some very good reasons as to why the Heroes writing staff could not possibly be that stupid. Which is great and all if you're talking about Heroes, but I'm not actually talking about Heroes, and, unfortunately, the show that induced me to talk about this...well, it doesn't have that great a track record of "not being stupid". Alas.

It is a well-documented fact that it is a peril to watch a currently-running TV show if the show is prone to large amounts of drama. Again, see Heroes. And Lost, and Battlestar Galactica, and anything by HBO or Joss Whedon. (He's got a new show in development, did you hear? I'm already afraid.) At least with shows that have already ended, well, you know, or you have some idea; you don't live quite on the same edge of your seat. Although I did mention the Buffy and Angel thing. Okay, so it's kind of crap whether or not the show is still running; my point is, you love drama, you have to be prepared to get burned, because drama does not love you. Drama likes to watch you suffer. Sometimes, of course, it makes you ecstatically happy, and sometimes it's so jaw-droppingly brilliant that you know you could never stop watching, but one must always be aware that loving a dramatic TV show is akin to an abusive relationship. And you can't distance yourself from it to numb the pain, either; if you do, you've missed the entire point of a drama. Drama should affect you. If it doesn't, why watch? And if it does, why can't you stop?

Then, of course, there is the quiet joy of watching a show you know will not break your heart; casting shake-ups aside, nobody's ever going to die on House, and while Pushing Daisies may be entirely about death, it's never actually going to kill anyone we care about. In Chuck, the only actual hey-this-character-is-intriguing death, well, he's feeling better, he thinks he'll go for a walk...the Winchester brothers are proven to be immune from permanently kicking it, soul-selling aside (and what, you think that's actually going to do the trick?). I'm not even going to mention the Stargate universe. How high's the count on Daniel again? Seven? Eight? One of the best things about watching Due South is that, well, it's been over for over a decade, I already know how it ends, and I already know it's basically the happiest, slashiest ending ever. Although Due South actually does have its moments of drama and did kill a character and kick two other characters out, but I didn't really care about the dead guy, both of the absentees got appropriate send-offs, and one of the absentees actually came back, so basically I'm just rambling at this point.

And since I'm rambling, I'd like to point out that Doctor Who is starting up again this week, and that is possibly the show most notorious for ripping your heart out without actually killing anyone, which is surprising given the sheer amount of NPC deaths it manages to rack up every episode. Stupid Whoniverse. At least the Sarah Jane Adventures isn't ever going to go dramatic, right? Right? Oh god please tell me I'm right, I don't think I could handle it if I'm not. They're kids, for Christ's sake! Keep your melodramatic claws off them, Russell T Davies!

Anyway, to get back to the very original point of this post: it gets easier. Well--sort of. Rambling helps, actually. Why else did you think I was doing this? To entertain you lot? Yeah, right. I wanted to do that, I'd get back to writing lots of Heroes fic again. Or writing at all again. No, it's my journal, its contents are subject to my whims. So I don't actually need to have a point to all this, because it's late and I'm not sure I've entirely processed some stuff yet and I'd like to get back to my Canadian happy place. So goodnight, y'all, and if you still have no idea what I'm talking about, consider yourself lucky, you bastard. futuresoon out.