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I Am Establishing A Position On The Internet

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the cry of strange birds
I am shameless. No, really.

I do not post here as much as I used to, but I am still here, I promise! The vast majority of my online presence is now at my tumblr. If you are a tumblr person and you want to experience me, please follow me there instead! You will see much more of me.

What else? Well, this is my tags page, which may come in handy because I am hella obsessive about tagging; this is the tag with all my fics in it, for easy access. The main tags page also lists tag for fics in individual fandoms, e.g., "fic: heroes". THE MORE YOU KNOW.

Friending policy: go ahead! I am not a scary person, as far as I know, and I do not mind if you silently friend me in the night and vanish into the shadows. Of course, you are very welcome to say hello before you do that. I do not have very many locked entries, so if I do not friend you back it is probably just because you don't seem to talk about things I find interesting, not because I hate you and will never give you my secrets.

(On the subject of icons: when I had a regular account, I would just save random icons I liked, because I didn't think I would ever get to use them; now that I have more slots, I've uploaded a number of them, but I have no idea who made them, so I can't give credit. So: if you see one that is yours, just leave a comment--I'd be happy to fix it.)

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