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candygram! six and peri

'References', pssh, those are for losers.

So the Sherlock fandom has been putting out a lot of adorbs chibi art, and I was thinking, I have not drawn anything in a while, and this stuff is really cute so maybe?--but what to draw, that is the question, and then um I was all HEY YOU KNOW WHO ELSE WEARS A LOT OF BLACK AND REALLY LIKES TEXT MESSAGING and then this happened. So yeah.

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shinra celty

I kind of love that the end credits contain a full-body reference for all the characters, ngl.

1) *watches Durarara!! MADs*
2) *does not have much to do*
3) *is bored*
4) ???
5) Celty and Shinra genderswap!

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It feels like I haven't really drawn anything in a while? Except for my Survey of Sequential Art final, which is forever lost to me anyway because it was drawn in class and turned in never to be seen again. ("You can draw!", the teacher said, surprised; "I never actually said I couldn't," I replied. Just because you're the only non-sequential major in the class...)
zuko's a cat lover really

And there are even things that are not people!

jfc fiiiinally I finish this, now I just have the fic to feel guilty over. BUT ANYWAY. Way back with help_haiti, I offered up art and black_eyedgirl won it! Her prompt was Zuko hanging out with the Gaang, though she hasn't seen the third season so shhhh no spoilers. And here it is! Hope you like it, black_eyedgirl, and I apologize deeply for how epically late it is.

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heidi secret smile

No I did not go out and get like five HINABN icons, what are you talking about.

So last night my scene partner actually couldn't make it at all, because her boss was being kind of crazy, and I didn't figure this out until 9:30, so when I got home I was kind of tired and frustrated, so I looked at my homework assignment and basically went fuck it, I'm going to draw some fluffy Hanna/Zombie and no one can stop me. So I did! And then it turned out the homework is actually due on Wednesday, haha yes I win.

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zuko's a cat lover really

Tracing is totally educational, what are you talking about.

First off: help_haiti winners, I am in fact working on your stuff! Do not worry, I have not forgotten. They will be finished, er, at some point soonish? But they will be finished, this I promise you.

...and now I feel a little guilty because I just finished a drawing nobody paid money for. Um. In fairness, it was very quick? Because it was pretty much just a trace job with recoloring. And some altering. And I'm not even sure how much of an overlap there is between the two fandoms anyway, but--yeah. The mood struck.


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In even less productive news, here is a meme! It is from bookelfe, and it goes like this:

Comment here and I will pick six of your icons, you then copy and paste this in your LJ along with your explanations/comments/squeeage about each one.

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