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god grant me the strength

There go my hopes for the circus arc, at any rate.

Best way to start the day: discovering that the long-anticipated and very mysterious second season of one of your favorite series is not going to have the main characters in it.

--I am sure calmer heads will prevail eventually! But for now, I think I have every right to be a bit unhappy about this.
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It does not help that the song is five minutes long and makes no sense anyway.

Auuugh, you know that feeling where you've been trying to make a vid for aaaages but technology has not allowed you to do so and then suddenly it is and you get all excited and start working and you realize you have no idea what to do for like half the song? --probably most of you do not, but hey, those of you who do can totally sympathize, right?
pretty soon things will be all right

And Yoko is voiced by Eve Genoard from Baccano!, which is just all kinds of wrong.

So I started watching Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, because from what I could tell it was fun and colorful and over-the-top in all the right ways, and it even turned out to be kinda slashy, so really I was pretty happy with it until it had to go and make me want to curl up in a ball and sob for an hour. YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE FUN AND COLORFUL, WHY DID YOU DO THAT. Now I'm torn between seeing it go back to being fun and colorful or just consigning it to the same pile as Death Note, and that saddens me, because I really did like it. Nnnnnngh. --less sorrowfully, though, I looked up the VAs and it does not surprise me in the slightest that Kamina is voiced by the same guy as America. Not in the slightest.
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Seriously, I voted for his people, dude should have nothing against me.

What does it mean when you have recurring dreams about Rahm Emanuel trying to dismember you?

...because I honestly have no goddamn idea.

It is very cold here, although admittedly this is the wimpy West Coast kind of cold where 22 degrees gets us all nervous and the prospect of below 0 is downright unheard of. It is cold for us, okay. And apparently this means my skin has decided life is not worth living, because a good 10% of it is well on its way to being ripped off due to unending itchiness, and the rest of it will probably soon follow. My legs are so scratched up it hurts to walk, which you would think would be a reason to stop scratching but asdfghjkl; the itching. Anyone know of ways to circumvent this? I fear my arms may be the next to go, and then how will I stop Rahm Emanuel from slicing me in half?
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They were a very nice 25 seconds, though.

Ah, perhaps I was too hasty in saying that Windows Movie Maker was suddenly less of a bitch. I mean, it did let me get about 25 seconds of the opening instrumental! While saving after every single thing I did, knowing it would crash soon after. But that was more progress than I'd had before, so I figured I could work with it. Except now it crashes every time I open the file at all, which, uh, is less easy to work with. The funny thing is that from what I can tell, this only happens with footage from the first episode of Kuroshitsuji--all the others, WMM is A-OK with. But I kind of really need footage from the first episode, so! It says something may be wrong with the DivX codec? Except I am fully up-to-date on DivX, and have in fact reinstalled it recently. I've tried getting a different version of the episode, but from what I can tell there are only two groups that made a raw for it and both of them use torrents which are now dead. So what I am saying is, if Windows Movie Maker were a person I would punch them in the face repeatedly. There are OS-tans! Why can't there be software-tans? I cannot be the only person who wishes to do such a thing.
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THERE WAS NO MONSTER TONIGHT. D: D: D: At first I thought TiVo was just being a bitch and merely wasn't recording it, but no, this week simply lacks episodes. Because SyFy is being a bitch and that is something I am far more used to. Come onnnn, I need my fix and I can't catch up via alternate methods because my friends are in the same boat I am. At least SyFy is not skipping episodes? But that does not change the fact that I got all ridiculously excited (you guys Mondays are like Christmas Eve for me now, I swear) AND THEN THERE WAS NOTHING. I suppose I can use the time to further catch up on SPN, since my parents are now actively complaining about it--it used to be I was the one forcing them to watch episodes, what has the world come to--but, but, Tenmaaaa D: D: D: D: D: HOW CAN I GO TWO WEEKS WITHOUT HIM, ONE WEEK IS BAD ENOUGH oh man this is almost as bad as it was with Heroes and Nathan except I actually like everything else about the series and I am confident in the ability of the creator to carry it through to a satisfactory conclusion. So really it is worse than it was with Heroes and Nathan! ahahahaha my life is so awesome.
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Stupid free technology.

You know that wonderful awesome feeling you get when you get a vid idea and you look up the lyrics and they are perfect and you can see all the shots coming together in your head and you put that first clip on the timeline and then Windows Movie Maker crashes and does so again whenever you try to use anything from the first episode of the series (which has several shots you really really need to use)?

why does this happen four days before I lose access to the lab computers with the fancy editing software. whyyyyy.