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cat and girl leads to scurvy

We had chicken provencal two days ago. I nearly cried.

So, here it is: a post about how I am a college graduate now!

Okay, it is not much of a post; it basically boils down to "I am a college graduate, oh god" and that is probably something you have heard before. But. I am a college graduate, oh god. I have to get more active in that jobsearch and look into apartments and all those real-person adult things. I am trying to convince myself that this will be easier to do after I have finished mainlining Game of Thrones, since I will no longer have a a big distraction lurking over my shoulder. This is good reasoning. Yes.

I'm not sure I can definitively say that I miss college. The dorm apartment wasn't so bad, and god did I love that super-high-speed internet, but the classes themselves...eh. Really, the thing I'll miss most is being in the physical presence of my friends, which seems unlikely to happen now that we have gone back to living on opposite sides of the country. I liked having real-person friends. I don't really have any back here. Hopefully when I get a job and apartment of my own I will have more opportunities for socializing, but right now it is just my family and that is a bit melancholy.

I do really really like getting to go to fancy grocery stores and having a widescreen TV, though. And comfortable seating. And a bedroom that is not quietly depressing. And the opportunity to watch Korra with my parents, who seem to be liking it, though I had to explain that it is going to get not-so-good for a while. From what I can tell, they weren't terribly fond of the romance subplots in Avatar, and since those were handled with elegant sophistication compared to the clusterfuck that is romance in Korra...well, I warned them.

Right. I am going to catch up on Korra now and then watch the new one and then get back to Game of Thrones and then go see The Avengers with my parents, so basically today is a day in which nothing of real-world value gets done but quite a deal of geek value gets done, so what do you want from me, I'm not going to have a lot more of those days in the future. Best to get them in now.
sokka grin

Perhaps the best part was being able to have feels with all my roommates, actually.

Due to watching the latest episode of Korra and then The Avengers the very same day, I can only conclude that I have a thing for stocky guys associated with the color green.

Also apparently archers but Korra does not have that equivalent so I'm going to leave that aside for now.

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In conclusion: more, please? Hopefully made by Joss Whedon since he seems to be capable of supreme competence in the area?

Oh and Bolin I love you too, I am just too busy having Avengers feels from last night to be having as many Korra feelings as last morning. But I still love you. As does most of tumblr, it seems. Hush now, we will make everything better.
legend of korra

Apparently the ship name for it is boybending. I--I kind of like that.

Every time I watch an episode of Legend of Korra or look at pretty fanart I keep wanting to tell my parents about it, which is...difficult. On one hand, they liked Avatar a lot! On the other hand, showing them anything remotely fannish has this weird disconnect, like they will not be interested in it, even if it is pretty and G-rated. Possibly this comes from my deep conviction that once they look at it they will be all "you're thinking about them having sex aren't you" and I will be forced to regret my semi-recent policy of telling the truth.

--okay mostly just cuddles but I've read it and I have no shame. Except maybe when it comes to telling my parents. But, um, anyway, yes, Legend of Korra! Is pretty great, and also pretty! With every new episode my love for Bolin increases exponentially. Also Korra. I guess Mako is okay. (But clearly the real main characters are Naga and Pabu.)
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all my aaaaaahhhhhhhs



In other news! I guess there was that other animated thing that happened this weekend? You know, the beautiful, glorious thing that has practically no perceivable flaws and is massively loved by every single member of its (internet, anyway) audience? or basically YEAH KORRA YEAH OH GOD PERFECTION. No spoilers, but even beyond the gorgeous animation and music and characters I am just so excited about basically everything? And my OT3 instincts are already kicking in like whoa even though I can guess where the canon will actually lean. What can I say, incest never goes out of style for me (and neither do kickass ladies).

Also the new firebending character being named Mako oh my heart ;_;

--also also the jarring moment where I realized Tenzin is voiced by J.K. Simmons and it was like what my fandoms are colliding I do not know what my feelings are doing.

Now I'm going to go play the thing I'm going to make a separate post about later because this post is long enough already and there is only so much flail that can be had in one. Water Tribe.
zuko's a cat lover really

The things that Clarion brings to your life.

How the hell am I 22. In my head 22 has always been "the age I'll be when I graduate", and, well, in five months it will be. The onset of having to be a productive member of society: disquieting, to be sure.

So to take my mind off my impending forced-maturity, here are some things! Perhaps you will be interested in them.

What You're In To, a Sherlock vid by hellpenguin. If you are intrigued by A Thoroughly Academic And Serious Exploration Of Sherlock's Sexuality, or you just like Flight of the Concords, this is for you.

Uncharted, a crossover between Sherlock and How to Train Your Dragon. If the words "and then Sherlock turned into a Night Fury" appeal to you on a fundamental level, this is so for you it's not even funny. And who doesn't like fic where characters randomly turn into dragons, really.

If you are not at all interested in Sherlock but know a lot about vids for Avatar: The Last Airbender, this part is for you! Well, this part is for me, but you can help me with it. You see, this morning I awoke to find that the esteemed genre writer Minister Faust not only wished me happy birthday on Facebook but also asked if I could recommend any Avatar vids, and after I sat blinking at the screen for a few seconds I realized that I don't actually know of many. So, recs? Feel free to include ones of your own. Probably he would be more interested in gen or comedy rather than shipping, for what it's worth.

And now I shall go do some reading for class and then go to class and then laze around until we go get sushi. A birthday of champions!