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There are a lot of exclamation points in this post! You have been warned.

Suddenly I have a day of many things to do! I find this very bizarre, as I have not had anything to do since Vividcon and have gotten used to gazing out the window in stultifying blahhhh. But anyway, here is the first of the things I should probably do!

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And now the second of the things I should probably do today (I am being efficient!): drabble post! bookelfe, I already know what you want, you're going to have to give me specifics. Everyone else, anything goes! Probably you know by now what fandoms I like; crossovers and shippy things are okey-doke, as long as you do not want outright smut, I have not written as much as a kiss since, um, a very long time ago. That's--that's kind of sad. But anyway! Ask away!

And now, it's Gardettos time.

So I spend days trying to find the raws for Soul Eater, then when I do find them most of them are .mp4 which neither Windows Movie Maker nor my laptop in general like, then I spend hours in the computer lab trying to get AfterEffects to convert an episode into .avi, trying many different time-consuming methods, none of which get the file down to below 2 GB, none of which don't have a weird fuzziness on the outlines, and then, when I decide I can deal with the fuzziness and clear as much of my hard drive as possible--I have an uneasy feeling, hit up YouTube, and discover that on the first page of search results alone almost every entry is an AMV of that song with Soul Eater.

I sulk for an hour.

Then I think, fuck it, I will make use of this vid farr, and wouldn't you know it but the Kuroshitsuji raws are easy to find and in a format of which WMM approves and not at all fuzzy and in the depths of my music collection there is a short, silly, and obscure as fuck song which will go with the show fabulously and I wonder if the lesson here is that it is better to make a crack vid for a show one of whose primary draws is creepy creepy subtext/text between a demon and a twelve-year-old than it is to make a thematically-appropriate vid for a family-friendly show whose teenage protagonists barely show any signs of sexuality at all.

In other news, I joined the rest of fandom in watching and quite enjoying the pilot of White Collar; I already knew I was fond of Matt Bomer from Chuck, but I was delighted to discover that the reason the other male lead looked so familiar to me was because he's Jonesy from Carnivale. Hi there, Jonesy! Total bonus: beyond the slashiness, there are what so far appear to be strong female characters, two of whom are black, one of whom is both black and a non-over-the-top lesbian, another of whom is not only married to the main guy but happily so and does not whine horribly about her husband spending so much time at work and, and, there is totally threesome potential, seriously Peter/Neal/Elizabeth is the new Austria/Prussia/Hungary not that there will be much overlap between the two fandoms I think (ELIZABETH AND ELIZAVETA, IT MUST BE TRUE), and it is lovely and funny and Matt Bomer is so very very pretty. And! The first episode had Mark Sheppard in it and apparently the second episode will have Natalie Morales in it so now I am fully expecting Matt Keeslar to show up at some point, it is inevitable. And Neal and Elizabeth are totally going to go shopping together and pick out clothes for Peter, and Elizabeth will refer to Neal as 'the other woman', and and yeah I like this show quite a bit so far.

Right, back to acquiring and importing vid material. Productivity oh man I wondered where you went.
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oh god vividcon tomorrow

Hey, there are people here who watch Chuck, right? Tell me if I should watch the finale. I managed to slog through the rest of it, but, eh. Why have I stopped caring about everything I used to like. D: (I still care about Whoniverse and SPN! But, um. Not Chuck or House or Reaper or Heroes. You know, this time last year, I had the disconcerting realization that I'd be watching TV almost every single night come September, with stuff stacked against each other that I'd have to check out via other methods. And now there's, er, Thursday. Oh and HIMYM on Mondays. And--okay, Psych and Leverage and Dexter and the Daily Show and the Colbert Report, I still kind of watch too much television, but I watch significantly less too much television than I used to.) But my point is, is it worth caring about still? Or should I resign it to the pile of lost fandoms? These are the choices I must make in my life.

...also I have somehow drawn England/America prison!AU sex. Um. I am not sure what to think of this. I mean, on a technical level, it's better than the last time I tried to draw sex? And there's not even really any nudity? On the other hand, it's kind of skeevy and England creeps me out. So I do not know if I should scan it or leave it in my sketchbook and never let it see the light of the day. These are the other choices I must make in my life. Man, my life is hard.
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i have a button that says "ask me about my conversation-starting button"

UPDATES: I have now seen the exhibit hall, which seems oddly smaller than previous years, but perhaps that is because I may not have explored it all yet. IDK. In any case, I have Webcomics Merch (Kris Straub and Dave Kellet recognized me--but then, I've been to their booth every year), various buttons, DONNA (oh how I have been waiting for you, and actually you are not bad in the facial area, which is surprising), and my parents saw fit to purchase the new Eoin Colfer Hitchhiker's Guide book. Or the first of them, anyway; it is small and thin and hardcover and it would appear that there are going to be several others. I have not read it yet, so I cannot vouch for its quality, but it also came with a small black DON'T PANIC towel, so there's that.

I failed to mention that my room key has pictures of Supernatural on it. It does. This amuses me. (Mom got Smallville, my brother got Fringe, and my dad got Red Son; I'm pretty sure I saw a Chuck behind the front desk.)

Another thing worth mentioning: there is a big manga/anime booth which is advertising the fuck out of FMA, Soul Eater, and--of all things--Kuroshitsuji. One of these things is not like the others, one of these things is not the same...there was a big-ass screen showing the opening and end credits of all of them plus some other series I didn't recognize, with little descriptions running underneath it it where the subs would be. Because of course you can't show the lyrics to the Kuroshitsuji opening in a family-friendly environment. (Three-quarters-naked female figurines from other series are totally okay, though.) They seem to be portraying Kuroshitsuji as some kind of stylish action series, which it sort of is, but I'm just waiting for unsuspecting purchasers to get to the corset scene and sputter WAIT WHAT DID I JUST BUY. (Not that they were selling anything--I think the manga comes out in September, and I've no idea when the DVD will.) Also they seem to be using "one devil of a butler" rather than "one hell of a butler", which I think does not sound as good. Alas, English! Why can you not match up perfectly to Japanese puns? Truly it is one of life's great sorrows.

More cosplay has been witnessed, although no further Hetalia as of yet. There was a girl in a sexy Dalek costume, though, and the Katara-Toph pair I saw yesterday appears to have acquired a Zuko. (He was adorable.) There was also a big advertisement for the Shamwow movie. (Everywhere I go, I see signs for James Cameron's Avatar, which looks very pretty, and I am starting to develop a fondness for it if only because it forced M. Night to cut the title down to just The Last Airbender, thus creating further separation from the real thing. Also, Avatar appears to have a sparkly blue person in it. I can only approve of those.)

What I shall be doing the rest of the day: hopping by one of the anime rooms to catch an episode of Ouran (which episode, I've no idea, but it will likely be fun to watch it with other people), further exploring the exhibit hall, and snickering over the portrayal of Kuroshitsuji. Seriously, that's gonna cause some nasty shocks when it actually gets released...
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mmmm cheese curds

I have a new haircut and I feel no shame whatsoever in saying that it makes me feel fancy. Also, I am pretty sure the cast and crew of Leverage are among the happiest in the world, because they get to make things like this. I had Hungary send them after Prussia for borrowing her husband without her permission! In my mind, this has totally happened.

AND NOW, A MEME. Reply to this meme by yelling "Words!" and I will give you five words that remind me of you. Then post them in your LJ and explain what they mean to you. From lovestories, because, really, most things in this journal are.

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hrm doctor

of course, this assumes there are any of you who are familiar with all of these, which. is unlikely.

List 10 of your favorite characters from different fandoms, and ask people to spot patterns in your choices, and if they're so inclined, to draw conclusions about you based on the patterns they've spotted.

Hetalia: You now, I used to think it was Italy, but loving him is very difficult if you have an embarrassment squick. :\ Thus I have come to the realization that it's probably England, wonderful bitchy former delinquent that he is. ♥
Supernatural: Deeeeeean.
Doctor Who: Leeeet's go with Donna, because otherwise I'd be here forever trying to decide.
Psych: Shawn!
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang: Harry in all his rambly hapless glory.
Chuck: I do adore Bryce, but actually it is probably Chuck himself.
Full Metal Alchemist: Ed you are so adorably damaged, I kind of wish you could be happy but I know you never will. Poor thing.
Leverage: Hardison is my main man and I will hear no different.
Reaper: Sammy my boy! Someday I'll watch your second season. Someday.
Dexter: Gotta get another girl on here, so let's throw out glorious foul-mouthed badass Deb. (Rita is also awesome. I, er, flipped a coin on this one. *cough*)
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i told my computer art professor i was a writing major and he seemed very apologetic

What is this 'vid due tomorrow' of which you speak? Clearly what I actually need to do is a very long icon meme as stolen from bookelfe. Oh yes.

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oh god big bang is due may 1st too augh augh augh must begin catch-up nowwww

Once again from lovestories:

1. Reply to this post, and I will pick six of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

Collapse ), and, ahahaha, I have suddenly been reminded that HIMYM is one of the shows I am woefully behind on. I WONDERED WHY THERE DID NOT SEEM TO BE SO MANY.

Mostly unrelatedly, I am now caught up on Chuck! Although the episodes I missed were not very interesting. Well, the one with all the Orion stuff was. Less romantic ditherings, more plot, plz. Also anyone who does not know who Orion is by now was probably dropped on their head as a child. Also also, this is the first time I have been irked by a suddenly-appearing female character directly and canonically responsible for causing misfortune between a pairing I don't ship. Progress! Or, you know, not.

i don't wanna be productive todayyy

From selenak:

Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

Making fabulous illustrations for fanfiction

Totally blushing here. *g* A ways back, I did the ultimate meta and drew fanart for a piece of fanfiction based loosely on another story--namely, selenak's wonderful, wonderful Heroes fic Runaways, which was based on the comic of the same title. I remain pretty proud of that art, because it was one of the first times I managed a decent sense of perspective with stuff that was not, y'know, cubes. And that story remains part of my personal Heroes canon, no matter what the show says.

Six and Peri

When I started mainlining Doctor Who, I was told that Six and Peri generally got a bad rap--the show itself had been going downhill, the writing was crap, they were better in the audios, yadda yadda. But most of this seemed to be directed towards just Six. Peri was "the whiny one with the horrible accent and the cleavage". Still, I knew there were people who hate Jo, and Jo is one of my favorite companions ever, so I steeled myself and got to their era--and fell completely and helplessly in love with the both of them. I loved Six's utter madness (and that coat, too--yes, I'm hardcore), I loved that Peri was willing to yell at him (hello, precursor to anything here?), and I loved that even through the occasionally questionable writing, you got a genuine sense of friendship between them. I was furious after Mind-Warp, and only stopped wanting to punch the writers in the face after they fixed it in The Ultimate Foe. (And even with that rage-inducing whatthefuckery, I kinda loved the moment where one of the other Time Lords asked the Doctor if he was all right and he replied "No, I most certainly am not" with that devastated look on his face. Look, an actual textual reaction to a companion's exit! No dumping-Sarah-Jane-and-running-away here.)

Also, I may be the only person in the world who quite enjoyed many aspects of The Twin Dilemma. Don't you judge me.


I feel kinda guilty that I've only made five of these in the last...what was it, two and a half years? And only two of them weren't directly inspired by other vids using the same song. (Yeah, I got Not Dead Yet from a House vid. Granted, the House vid didn't use the whole song, but still.) The same-song thing still haunts me--the vid I'm hoping to have for VividCon uses one that's, well, been used for pretty much everything. But it hasn't been used for Mystery Fandom, dammit, and given that pretty much nothing has been used for Mystery Fandom, I may be in the clear for that one. Although my I Am Totally Going To Do This Vid Eventually, Seriously, I Know What Shots To Use For Almost All Of The Lines And Some Of The Instrumentals, I Just Need To Watch More Of The Insanely Large Canon DW vid uses a song that's not only been used in other vids, it's been used in at least two other DW vids, albeit ones with a much more narrow focus than the one I have planned.

Then, of course, we get the What The Fuck, I Listen To This Random Song Once And I Can Already Picture What Almost All The Shots Would Be vid, which I may actually do over spring break. Seriously, it sort of makes itself.


Hey, the Supernatural/House crossover is still in desperate need of reworking, and the Supernatural/World War Z crossover lies unfinished, and the Psych/House and Chuck/House crossovers never really got started, and the epic Old Who/New Who/Life on Mars crossover will probably never even make it past the "wouldn't this be a cool idea?" stage...and none of this is helping my case, is it. Can I help it if a lot of shows lend themselves to unpleasant-and-mysterious-medical-things-happening-to-lead-character plotlines? (I'm particular proud of what the ultimate diagnosis for the Psych story would be, but I'm having trouble thinking of a reason why House would even be interested, given the relative boringness of the original symptom. That means research. Also, I'm kind of scared to write Shawn.)

Being a writing prodigy

Blushing again, man. ♥ I guess I was a better writer at 17 than most other people my age were? (Although I maintain that I definitely grew better over time, and I didn't write a story that didn't make me cringe at least a little until some months later, with Develop. But I was still 17 when I wrote that, so.) I do have the vague suspicion I'm never going to write anything better or more popular than the Heroes/House crossover--it's definitely one of my favorites, and I still get comments on it every now and then--but hey, if nothing else, the fact that I wrote all this stuff at all while not yet old enough to vote is something to be proud of. *g* (Perhaps I should start writing stuff that could be actually publishable? Psssh.)
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also i loved that red coat he was wearing at the concert--but why didn't we get to hear him sing?

Chuck 2xsomethingorother, Chuck vs. The Third Dimension: DOMINIC MONAGHAN, I DID NOT REALIZE I MISSED YOU FROM MY LIFE. *squishes*

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...and now I kinda wanna go rewatch all of Lost and get all obsessed with Charlie/Claire again. It was one of my biggest het ships ever, okay? I miss my British rockstar/pregnant Australian love. :(