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zuko's a cat lover really

Tracing is totally educational, what are you talking about.

First off: help_haiti winners, I am in fact working on your stuff! Do not worry, I have not forgotten. They will be finished, er, at some point soonish? But they will be finished, this I promise you.

...and now I feel a little guilty because I just finished a drawing nobody paid money for. Um. In fairness, it was very quick? Because it was pretty much just a trace job with recoloring. And some altering. And I'm not even sure how much of an overlap there is between the two fandoms anyway, but--yeah. The mood struck.


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In even less productive news, here is a meme! It is from bookelfe, and it goes like this:

Comment here and I will pick six of your icons, you then copy and paste this in your LJ along with your explanations/comments/squeeage about each one.

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i told my computer art professor i was a writing major and he seemed very apologetic

What is this 'vid due tomorrow' of which you speak? Clearly what I actually need to do is a very long icon meme as stolen from bookelfe. Oh yes.

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i don't wanna be productive todayyy

From selenak:

Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

Making fabulous illustrations for fanfiction

Totally blushing here. *g* A ways back, I did the ultimate meta and drew fanart for a piece of fanfiction based loosely on another story--namely, selenak's wonderful, wonderful Heroes fic Runaways, which was based on the comic of the same title. I remain pretty proud of that art, because it was one of the first times I managed a decent sense of perspective with stuff that was not, y'know, cubes. And that story remains part of my personal Heroes canon, no matter what the show says.

Six and Peri

When I started mainlining Doctor Who, I was told that Six and Peri generally got a bad rap--the show itself had been going downhill, the writing was crap, they were better in the audios, yadda yadda. But most of this seemed to be directed towards just Six. Peri was "the whiny one with the horrible accent and the cleavage". Still, I knew there were people who hate Jo, and Jo is one of my favorite companions ever, so I steeled myself and got to their era--and fell completely and helplessly in love with the both of them. I loved Six's utter madness (and that coat, too--yes, I'm hardcore), I loved that Peri was willing to yell at him (hello, precursor to anything here?), and I loved that even through the occasionally questionable writing, you got a genuine sense of friendship between them. I was furious after Mind-Warp, and only stopped wanting to punch the writers in the face after they fixed it in The Ultimate Foe. (And even with that rage-inducing whatthefuckery, I kinda loved the moment where one of the other Time Lords asked the Doctor if he was all right and he replied "No, I most certainly am not" with that devastated look on his face. Look, an actual textual reaction to a companion's exit! No dumping-Sarah-Jane-and-running-away here.)

Also, I may be the only person in the world who quite enjoyed many aspects of The Twin Dilemma. Don't you judge me.


I feel kinda guilty that I've only made five of these in the last...what was it, two and a half years? And only two of them weren't directly inspired by other vids using the same song. (Yeah, I got Not Dead Yet from a House vid. Granted, the House vid didn't use the whole song, but still.) The same-song thing still haunts me--the vid I'm hoping to have for VividCon uses one that's, well, been used for pretty much everything. But it hasn't been used for Mystery Fandom, dammit, and given that pretty much nothing has been used for Mystery Fandom, I may be in the clear for that one. Although my I Am Totally Going To Do This Vid Eventually, Seriously, I Know What Shots To Use For Almost All Of The Lines And Some Of The Instrumentals, I Just Need To Watch More Of The Insanely Large Canon DW vid uses a song that's not only been used in other vids, it's been used in at least two other DW vids, albeit ones with a much more narrow focus than the one I have planned.

Then, of course, we get the What The Fuck, I Listen To This Random Song Once And I Can Already Picture What Almost All The Shots Would Be vid, which I may actually do over spring break. Seriously, it sort of makes itself.


Hey, the Supernatural/House crossover is still in desperate need of reworking, and the Supernatural/World War Z crossover lies unfinished, and the Psych/House and Chuck/House crossovers never really got started, and the epic Old Who/New Who/Life on Mars crossover will probably never even make it past the "wouldn't this be a cool idea?" stage...and none of this is helping my case, is it. Can I help it if a lot of shows lend themselves to unpleasant-and-mysterious-medical-things-happening-to-lead-character plotlines? (I'm particular proud of what the ultimate diagnosis for the Psych story would be, but I'm having trouble thinking of a reason why House would even be interested, given the relative boringness of the original symptom. That means research. Also, I'm kind of scared to write Shawn.)

Being a writing prodigy

Blushing again, man. ♥ I guess I was a better writer at 17 than most other people my age were? (Although I maintain that I definitely grew better over time, and I didn't write a story that didn't make me cringe at least a little until some months later, with Develop. But I was still 17 when I wrote that, so.) I do have the vague suspicion I'm never going to write anything better or more popular than the Heroes/House crossover--it's definitely one of my favorites, and I still get comments on it every now and then--but hey, if nothing else, the fact that I wrote all this stuff at all while not yet old enough to vote is something to be proud of. *g* (Perhaps I should start writing stuff that could be actually publishable? Psssh.)

i think i need a superjail icon

Oh why not. TV MEME! Taken from qkellie.

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i like listening to musical cues and comparing them to life on mars. some are the same, you know

Having seen the first five episodes of Ashes to Ashes: oh, Alex, I am trying to like you, but I think sometimes you are even more unprofessional than the boys are and also if you can see your bra through your shirt it is probably not professional police attire. I do like her pragmatism in all this, but...okay, it is just another way in which she is Not Sam. Because I think I kind of liked that Sam kept yelling and pushing and going crazy, even if sometimes I got annoyed with him and just wanted to shake him and say "that is not actually helping you, idiot". It shows emotion, y'know? Whereas Alex is all breezily cool about, all "well, I know exactly how I am going to get out of this, so I shall just do my job in the meantime and roll my eyes at how silly it all is", and that makes her seem a bit...callous, I suppose. Not that Sam couldn't be a jerk in regards to his situation, but still. Rage, rage against the dying of the light; if you're desperate to get out of there, show it. Otherwise it makes you look like you're not taking it seriously.

Anothing thing that I have noticed: Sam interacted with the weirdness a lot more than Alex does. He talked to the TV and the phone, he freaked out about the test card girl, sometimes he just yelled at things in general because he wanted 2006 to hear him. Alex does see the clown sometimes, and her daughter, but she doesn't do much in the way of actual interaction. When she has visions, she doesn't react to them at all; in fact, I can't tell if they really are visions or if they're just random stuff the show's throwing at us. Whereas Sam, of course, woke up from his dreams or had to close his eyes for a while or just flail a bit. It is probably connected to the emotional/not emotional thing, too.

...on the other hand, RUSSELL TOVEY. WITH THE GAY. AND THE NOT DYING, DESPITE BEING GAY. AND THE ADORABLE. *does some flailing of her own* I will admit that I cheered a little for Alex when she laid the smackdown on them about their homophobia. Oh, Gene, we know you're still in denial...*pets him*

(I think I am looking for a fic in which Alex is all "look, you're only trying to flirt with me because I remind you of your last DI, also I do not actually like you". That is the only thing that will make me stop wincing whenever they try to push ham-handed tension down our throats. You're trying, show, you're trying, but...at least I hear it gets more convincing later? Hopefully?)
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also i think my dad finally likes gene, which is a major coup for me

So I finally finished getting my family to watch all of Life on Mars! And now I am very happy, yes yes, because they both liked the ending and my dad pointed out that Frank Morgan is actually the name of the guy who played the Wizard in Wizard of Oz and that combined with their use of Somewhere Over The Rainbow and Gene's continual calling Sam 'Dorothy' makes for some very interesting thoughts, yes yes. And also I am happy because watching everything after the rooftop just makes me really happy anyway, yes yes. And I am really wondering where I picked up the habit of adding "yes yes" to my sentences because I did not used to do that, like, two months ago I did not used to do that, and I have no idea where it came from. But anyway.

...does this mean I have to watch Ashes to Ashes now? I DON'T KNOW IF I'M READY YET.
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also there was this freaky moment where i thought i saw nph RIGHT NEXT TO ME but probably not

I AM AT THE COMIC-CONS. Have thus far witnessed one Dr. Horrible, one Captain Hammer (with a mustache), one Shaun of Shaun of the Dead, a bazillion Jokers of varying quality, a number of unexplained head injuries (perhaps something to do with Dark Knight--everything has something to do with Dark Knight), and not even one Jack Sparrow. I am disappointed, Comic-Con! Where are my hordes of staggering pirates? Ah, well; I've really only done con stuff for an hour and a half today. The flight got in at about 2, we got hotel'd and badged and all that jazz and I looked at my schedule and oh hey the "SCREAM Like A Girl" panel was in half an hour, so I decided to check out the exhibit hall for a few minutes. Because, you know, it's possible to only spend a few minutes in there. Anyway.

I did manage to actually spend only a few minutes--I walked in, got that glazed look over my eyes as I remembered how much of a mosh pit the main walkways in that room are, and swiftly made my way to a less-crowded area, which turned out to be the Aaron Williams booth. Grabbed the latest PS238 collection (great stuff, like classic five-color superhero comics with a touch of meta--an elementary school for super-powered children, and way awesomer than it sounds) and remembered four things:

1) My brother brings a notebook with him to all conventions so he can get various comics artists to sketch him robots. (It's true. He's got quite the collection.)
2) I wanted to do something like that.
3) I had an unused, sort-of Moleskine notebook with me.
4) I still really like Dr. Horrible.

And that is how I ended up with a free sketch of Dr. Horrible, and why I shall be attempting to acquire as many of these as possible over the weekend. (Or Captain Hammer, or Penny. But I suspect it'll mostly be Horrible.) What shall I do if the cartoonist I ask hasn't seen it? ...think of something else! Still, I'll be getting sketches, and there is a good chance many of them will be of or related to Dr. Horrible, and that is really all a girl can ask for.

The "SCREAM Like A Girl" panel was great fun--Kevin Smith moderating Lucy Lawless, Pia Guerra, Jaime King, and Gail Ann Hurd about women in sci-fi/fantasy/horror/comics, sponsored by and in relation to Spike TV's SCREAM Awards, which are apparently like the Golden Globes but with genre stuff and comics and swearing? I may have to watch them now. Also, Kevin Smith and Lucy Lawless are totally bitchy BFFs, and she can get all the pussy she wants. It's true! She said it!

And now it is late-ish and I am in the convention center taking advantage of the free wi-fi to say all these things. Wheee! Missed the Dexter panel, because it was right after the SCREAM panel and also because the line was crazy which would admittedly make sense if you got there five minutes late. Tomorrow: you know, at some point I got the idea there was a Dr. Horrible signing, but an extensive look at the schedule reveals this not to be so. There is a Joss Whedon panel, though, with the cast (and I guess some of his, y'know, other stuff), so I shall try my damnedest to get in. Also, Watchmen. Waaaaaaaatchmeeeeeen. *drools*

On another note! Terrible US Life on Mars has recast Gene--with Harvey Keitel, who is a fine actor by all accounts and much easier to slash than Colm Meaney, but who is also 5'7". Er. Could be an interesting variation, is all I'm saying. Does this mean they're going to kick out Jason O'Mara? Probably not, but we can hope.

Right. Bed now. Or, actually, return to the hotel and watch more HIMYM now, but bed soon. Ish. *salutes, giggles over her Dr. Horrible sketch, and exeunts, pursued by a bear*