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i told my computer art professor i was a writing major and he seemed very apologetic

What is this 'vid due tomorrow' of which you speak? Clearly what I actually need to do is a very long icon meme as stolen from bookelfe. Oh yes.

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i think i need a superjail icon

Oh why not. TV MEME! Taken from qkellie.

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also the golden globe noms were announced; james franco for pineapple express? seriously?

Hmm, Heroes. Hmm.

Okay, I'll make a deal with you: if I hear that the third season ends well, I will watch the rest of it over the summer. If I think it ends well, I will watch the fourth. Besides, the mental image of Bryan Fuller walking into the writing room and going "bitches, this is how it's done" amuses me. (Even if I suspect he is far too polite to say that. Because Bryan Fuller is awesome.) Tim Kring, I have lost all faith in; Bryan Fuller? Made one of the best TV shows I've ever seen, even if it got canceled in the middle of its second season. First-season Heroes had its cringe-worthy moments, I'll admit. But Pushing Daisies? Rock-solid, all the way through. So again I say, hmm. We shall see.

ETA: Unrelatedly, last night I had an incredibly vivid dream about watching an episode of Stargate: Atlantis where John Sheppard came out of the closet.

It was awesome, and you cannot imagine how upset I was when I woke up and realized it hadn't actually happened.
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goddammit i need my lee pace, why does the world have it out for him on tv

Pushing Daisies is officially canceled noooooooooooo

And Supernatural is being kind of awesome and cheesy and inconsistent even within the episode but Jensen Ackles is acting his little heart out and the Dean/Castiel folks can do a happy little dance and between this episode and the last one I think fandom's interpretation of what Sam and Dean are respectively like during sex has been utterly confirmed (wait, ahahaha, isn't the phrase actually Kripked? I FORGOT THAT FOR A MOMENT THERE AND YET THIS IS THE SHOW THE PHRASE COMES FROM) and, and, yes. I mean, there is still annoyingly unexplained stuff, but I am totally (well, mostly) willing to accept that if they can keep feeding us the good angelic crack. Also you know a major dramatic point of the season is going to be Castiel Falling, you just know it. IT'S BEEN FORESHADOWED AND EVERYTHING. IT MAKES LOGICAL STORYTELLING SENSE.

pushing daisies nooooooo
luke is literary

also seriously goddamn i just want to jump luke every time i see him, i am a horrible person

Is it weird that I look forward more to SJA than I do the DW Christmas special? And this week's episode wasn't even especially good, it's just--I think I have somehow grown more attached to Sarah Jane and the kids than I am the Doctor. Of course the Doctor's all fascinating and fun to watch, but the SJA gang just makes me happy. Every one of'em. Perhaps I would feel differently if Donna or Martha or somebody was in the special too; not knowing anything about whatever random temporary companions the Doctor's getting this time around makes me less interested. Also it is going to be all snowy and Victorian so there will not be a lot of color whereas SJA is almost as bad (read: awesome) as Pushing Daisies with the eye-popping colorschemes. Even if next week's episode does not appear to have much of that. In any case. Sarah Jane, Luki, Clyde, and Rani: better than the Doctor. Trufax.
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seriously, the kristin chenoweth thing bugs the fuck out of me

So clearly the best course of action for getting rid of academic blues was to watch the first episode of The West Wing, except apparently not, because I spent half the episode glaring at the screen and wondering if Aaron Sorkin was even physically capable of not being a jackass. I'm as liberal as anybody! I'm not overly fond of the crazy aspects of the religious right either! But, Jesus, is there going to be a single religious character on this show who isn't portrayed as evil? I saw Studio 60, I know how headbangingly awful Sorkin can get when it comes to portraying Christianity--and knowing that he based Harriet on his ex-girlfriend Kristin Chenoweth, who has already earned enough points from Pushing Daisies to beat out anything I've seen from Sorkin so far, doesn't help--but I really thought that was more of a recent thing, something that just gets worse with age, you know? Apparently not so much. I'm an agnostic, people. I should not be the one crying foul when it comes to poor treatment of religion.

Things that I did like: hooker!Lisa Edelstein, despite her horrid nineties hair, and Sam seems a little less actively insane than the rest of them. (...oh, fuck, it's another Sam. That makes five of them now. At least his last name doesn't end in -er.) I suppose I might watch more eventually, or I might try Sports Night instead, which hopefully will not involve much in the way of strawman religion unless the world of sports reporting is much more varied than I'd heard. Of course, Sorkin managed to make sketch comedy into a diatribe against all things Christian, so who knows. I wouldn't put it past him.
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it is the only acceptable alternative

On one hand, I do not want Pushing Daisies to be canceled! On the other hand, apparently if it is then Bryan Fuller will return to Heroes. Which will make people happy. So.

...well, I guess I do have other Shows That Lack Pain, and the knowledge that Bryan Fuller is getting work somewhere will help. But clearly the best solution is for all the actors to get jobs on other shows that I watch, too. Swoosie Kurtz would make a great hunter. Anna Friel is actually British, so she should be the new companion. I think we all want to see Kristin Chenoweth as a rogue NSA agent. Chi McBride was made to be Gus' weird uncle.

And Lee Pace is the new Petrelli.
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i'm not going to write it either way, mind you, but it came upon me and i felt the urge to share

So, Supernatural AU where the Crossroads Demon--instead of taking Dean's soul--gives him Ned's ability, thus making Sam Chuck and eventually causing a few interesting accidents with salt-and-burns. Sure, they never touched much before, but once you take something away...

So. Bad idea...or terrible idea?
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i can't decide if i'm actually attracted to aaron eckhart or not, which distresses me a bit

Pushing Daisies: oh hey it's Monica! Hi Monica! Why aren't you on Heroes? It is very nice to see you again but I think I would rather see you in Heroes than as a one-shot character in Pushing Daisies. On the plus side, this episode was v. adorable and I think I am realizing that Ned really is kinda creepy and stalkerish but the show is acknowledging this so that is good. Yes.

Today in my public speaking class we watched Thank You For Smoking, which was more or less a good movie and definitely a fun one, and I have decided that Aaron Eckhart should probably get a chance to play a definitively good guy eventually, even if he is so very very good at being morally dubious. Is it weird that I want to see Towelhead just to find out how creepy he is in it? Probably. Anyway, I spent half the movie wondering who the hell was playing his wife, because she was so damned familiar and I swore I'd seen her a million times before but I couldn't remember where, and then I hit up IMDB and oh, okay, she was Joanie in Deadwood, I can rest easy now. Today is a day of Actors Getting Around. As is their wont.