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So every now and then I like to look at the stats on the AO3—which fandoms have the most fics, or in their given category, or whatever, and in the past I have checked which fics in all fandoms have the highest amount of hits. Previously it’s mostly been fics with a shit-ton of chapters, since you get a separate pageview for each chapter for some reason, but still mostly in popular fandoms, like Sherlock and The Avengers and Merlin.

Today I checked it out and the top twenty are swamped with single-chapter fics that have only been posted within the past few months. Hundreds of thousands of hits. For a single chapter. In a few months.

Every single one of them was from Stargate: Atlantis.

It only took the bare minimum of digging to discover that there was a recent ficathon, but—dude! That show has been off the air for years! The fandom was huge back in the day, but it’s not getting any bigger, and these days in terms of activity it’s been unseated by the relatively-new crowd. That’s what I thought, anyway.

But nineteen fics—not even from the big-name authors that I remember, though I could be wrong—demolished the pageview counts of all the more-active continuing-canon fandoms.

Shit, son. I guess the oldies don’t fade away that much after all.

(Of note is that with one exception, the fics have very few kudos and comments. So maybe a lot of people read them but didn’t like them? But surely with that many hits there would be more than just a few who did enjoy them. I don’t even know.)
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And space actual-pirates forever, yes.

So apparently everyone is really down on The Curse of the Black Spot, which, eh, I am willing to forgive plot problems if it does not actively insult the characters and it did not so I am okay with it. Also someone somewhere is writing the SG-1 crossover where Rory and Daniel Jackson have a nice long chat, yes? Because someone should be writing that.
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This is the thing about anime: you never stop finding more you need to watch.

Oh and! I've been watching Monster with my friends (it airs on Mondays at SyFy, and, well, I figure I can balance out the shame by telling my friends never to watch Stargate Universe), and it is actually pretty awesome! I've only seen the first four episodes, which appear to have mostly just been setting up the plot, but it looks like quite an interesting plot, yes yes. From what I've seen, it is about a Japanese surgeon living in Germany who saves the life of a young boy and is promptly screwed over by the bureaucrats who run the hospital he works at; then the boy disappears, the bureaucrats are found dead, and the screwed-overness is reversed--timeskip nine years ahead, when the surgeon is successful and happy until he runs into the kid again, all grown-up and sociopathic and oh hey turns out it might have been a bad idea to tell a head-injury patient in a coma that a few people would be better off dead. Judging by the opening, the surgeon's life is probably going to go completely downhill after this. Because, y'know. Finding out you unleashed a soulless killer on the world is not the most inspiring thing that could happen to you.

(Are those spoilers? I mean, that is the premise of the series, and it is kind of hard to describe something without saying what it is about. Ah well. I already knew the kid was gonna turn out bad, 'cause of TV Tropes, and honestly it is not difficult to tell that someone is going to kill the head hospital dudes, so.)

Other bonus points: the animation style is pretty cool (everyone has unique noses! You can tell who the bad guys are by how small their eyes are!), the surgeon is so ridiculously likeable it hurts, the setting isn't something I've seen often (nineties Germany; before the timeskip, there are frequent references to the East/West divide), the dub is actually not bad, and um it is kind of Mylar all over again. I DID NOT THINK IT WAS GOING TO BE, OKAY. I thought I'd finally found a series I liked that didn't feature much in the way of subtext/actual-text, but then I got to the scene where the surgeon first interacts with grown-up!sociopath who is all "you know what, I like you! I mean, I did totally save your career way back when and I don't really feel like killng you now even if I am so going to drive the knife in about what you inadvertantly caused" and I am a horrible person. (He also says the surgeon is like a father to him. Um. I just cannot get away from this stuff, can I.) But I still like it for the plot, honest! And the surgeon. Seriously, he's adorable.
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my earbuds finally broke. i guess that is what happens when you repair them with duct tape, huh.

I am returned! And these are the things I have to say:

- Saw a preview screening of Eastwick, which is a TV show based on The Witches of Eastwick (the book rather than the movie, though they do admit to being influenced by the movie as well), which features the most incongruous casting in all the world: Paul Gross as the Devil. The version of the Devil formerly played by Jack Nicholson. WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU FRASER D: D: D: D: Except he is actually really, really good at it, and the three ladies are lovely too--points for Jaime Ray Newman, whom I've only ever seen in guest roles (SGA, one episode of Supernatural) but always liked, and now gets to take on a role once played by Susan Sarandon. Big shoes to fill, indeed, but I think she's got some sizable feet once you let her use them. Or something. I'm not good with metaphors. My point is, it looks like a fun show (created and run by a woman, too!), so I will be watching it when it comes out this September, and you should too. (I actually did not like the movie at all, but that is probably because I loathe Jack Nicholson beyond all belief.) I admit that it could very easily fall into the trap of letting the male character dominate the female ones--there were points in the pilot where I was a little wary--but the women seem pretty formidable so far. We shall see.

- I did not see the Doctor Who, Torchwood, or Supernatural panels, because our flight time did not make it feasible, but apparently some of the spoilers I had heard about Ten's final adventure are in fact true and that makes me happy because I quite liked those spoilers. Yes.

- Apparently my parents saw Paul Bettany just wandering around the hotel. Since I don't think he was on any panels this year, it leads me to believe that Paul Bettany just likes going to Comic-Con for fun, and that amuses me. Whodathunkit?

- It is kind of really awesome to watch Ouran High School Host Club in a room full of people who mostly are not horribly distressed by it. (There were a couple people behind me who, after the episode was over, exclaimed "What the hell was that?". I feel no pity for them; they should have been warned by the title.) Also, the person sitting in front of me was a big, trenchcoat-bedecked guy with stubble and a ponytail, and he laughed the loudest and most enthusiastic of all. I feel obligated to share this with you.

- I spent far too much of my idle time throughout the con writing bits of the human!Hetalia AU that I will not get to for years and years. It's not even just the sexy parts, it's the shameless domesticity parts and the awkward-family-interaction parts and basically this is going to be the most wretchedly normal thing I have ever written and I am looking forward far far too much to writing completely unremarkable things. Functional relationships! I wasn't sure I even remembered what those were! But I have to write five years of other stuff before I can get to Tension and two more years after that before anything actually happens, and there still has to be some England/Japan in there, much as I'm distressed by it. HURRY UP AND HIT PUBERTY, AL, I CAN'T DO THE ADORABLE-LITTLE-KID SHTICK FOREVER.

Right, okay, off to watch moar highly dubious anime and guzzle Diet Snapple. Isn't Washington supposed to be rainy all the time? Oh right, we just tell that to people to mess with them. Why is it hotter here than it was in San Diego.
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this post brought to you by "avoid productivity" theatre

I had a thought, a while back, and today I decided to look into it; I thought, huh, anime and manga fandom are kinda different from live-action fandom. More of a focus on fanart, of course, but then I started seeing stuff on the hetalia comm about local get-togethers, and pictures of those showed dozens of people, all in the same area (admittedly, the area was Boston), and anime conventions where even larger groups got together for cosplay photoshoots, and I thought about how most of the TV fandom get-togethers I'd heard about were only a handful of people, some of whom just happened to be in the area when they normally lived elsewhere, and that big group events at conventions (besides panels) just didn't happen. And then, out of curiosity, I checked to see how many people were actually in the Hetalia comm.

Now, I did some other research--it wouldn't be fair as a stand-alone statistic; I looked up how many people were in the biggest comms for the biggest TV fandoms I could think of (Supernatural, SGA, and Merlin), and they were all between two and three thousand. It's not a stretch to say that the dozens of TV fandoms I didn't look up probably fall in the same range, or lower.

The Hetalia comm? Has well over eight thousand.

I don't know where to look for other anime fandoms, and I don't know if Hetalia just lends itself more to this sort of thing than the rest, but if just this comm contains more people than the three biggest TV fandom comms combined, then that's saying something. Are anime and manga somehow more accessible? Do the higher numbers of fanartists really make that much of a difference? And it's not like the fandom is flooded with semi-mindless early adolescents, either; I'd wager most of the members are at least in their late teens, and the fic tends to have a far more educational bent than most thirteen-year-olds would be interested in. In fact, if I'd put much thought into it before, I would have guessed Hetalia to be one of the smaller anime fandoms (despite its prolificness). How many are in Naruto, I wonder? Or Bleach? Or Inu-Yasha?

I suppose another thing to consider would be how many of the fans actually put out good work on a regular basis; off the top of my head I can only think of a couple handfuls of Hetalia writers who do, whereas for Supernatural I'd need a few extra hands, and I don't even want to think about SGA. Still, the comm updates so often I had to stop watching it and put it in a separate tab so it wouldn't completely overwhelm everything else I have friended. And while the manga's been around for a few years, the anime hasn't even hit six months yet. How many members will the comm have next year? Certainly SGA is never going to get much bigger, and if Supernatural follows the five-season-plan Kripke's been talking about, then it probably won't either. It boggles the mind.

And that's not even getting into the other differences between anime/manga fandom and live-action fandom--doujinshi versus fic, MADs versus vids, wide-spread cosplay versus only a few specific shows ever having significant numbers at cons--so my ultimate conclusion, really, is that someone should write a paper on all of this, but it ain't gonna be me, because my 1337 academia skills pretty much only apply to bullshitting my way through papers for class. I can't be the only person who's crossed over between the two kinds, after all.

Seriously though, the MADs versus vids things is deeply fascinating. Do Japanese fans just really like making their own animations or something?
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probably i should be studying right now

Because, really, random old memes you're only aware of because someone recced one of the (glorious) results of their original conception cannot be a bad thing:

Give me two characters, and I will write a story where one of them is a dragon soul-bonded to the other.

I actually went through a brief phase in high school in which, having fallen in love with the Temeraire books, I came up with many tiny AUs along the same lines. As I recall, Fraser made a great dragon; Rodney McKay, somewhat less so.

The original meme being here, and the first result being the one through which I discovered it. Because dragon soul-bonding is one thing; Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy dragon soul-bonding is entirely another.
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kdsorceress, i'm sure you'll appreciate this

For some reason I've been reading ridiculous amounts of Merlin fic lately, and then I happened upon this picture and, yeah.

Completely unrelatedly, WHAT THE HELL WHY AM I SO INTERESTED IN READING THREESOMES NOW. (At first that sentence did not have "reading" in it, but then I realized something.) First there was my Green Wing thing (and no, I still haven't seen the Christmas special, though I do have it now--I'm saving it for a time when I'm between fandoms and don't have to worry about getting sucked back in), then Being Human sort of crept up on me and now Leverage is, like, playing it up deliberately. Which is my way of saying that I've read two threesome fics in two different fandoms in the last twenty minutes and I'm starting to wonder if I've discovered something new about me.

I've also read versaphile's Doctor/Master/Lucy threesomes, but that was a while ago. And...and there was that one SGA foursome. And those Jared/Jensen/Misha things. And that Jared/Jensen/Jeff thing. And the Sam/Dean/Castiel stuff. And th_esaurus' Zac Efron/JDM/Robert Downey Jr stuff. And a long time ago I read a Bennet/Peter/Claude. OKAY MAYBE IT'S A THING.
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sga, your show may have ended, but you just got a present to make up for it

At the 4m 15 mark, Richard Gibbs, Obama's Press Secretary, was asked:

"Is the new administration going to get rid of the 'don't ask, don't tell' policy?"

And he answered:

"You don't hear a politician give a one word answer much, but it's yes."

That is the sound of every fandom even remotely connected to the military exploding, and also quite a lot of noise in the Actual Military as well.

2009 is shaping up to be a very good year.